Home Support

IUIH Home Support

IUIH Home Support provides household and social support services to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 or over keep their independence, improve their quality of life and stay in their homes for longer.

Services include:

  • Transport – helping to get out and about
  • Social support – assistance with errands, getting to appointments
  • Domestic assistance – household jobs like cleaning, washing and cooking
  • Food preparation – helping with buying, preparing and storing food
  • Personal care – bathing, dressing, hair care and toileting
  • Minor yard maintenance 
  • Nursing care – assistance with wound care and taking medication
  • Centre-based care – group outings and activities
  • Allied services – introduction to a range of therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and dental and optical services.

The application is simple, we organise the assessment and handle the rest.

If you or a family member is 50 or over and could enjoy life more with a bit of help around the home or getting out and about, have a chat with your GP or clinic nurse, or call IUIH Home Support on the below numbers. 

IUIH Home Support contact details:

South East Queensland 1800 802 265

Sunshine Coast & Gympie regions 1800 802 265

Hervey Bay region 1300 852 598